Who is Dominik Nekolny ?

Dominik was born in 1986 in Prague. On the elementary school he played football, he made it to the national team – after that he finished and began to ride BMX Freestyle. It was between first and second year at high school of Central School of Electrical Engineering. After graduation he worked in the company Skoda Praha Invest, where he worked as a designer and all his free time spend by practicing BMX. After several years Dominik became a true professional BMX and began his professional carrier. In 2013 he has started project of anti-drug lectures at elementary and high schools. In 2014 he won the title of World Champion.

  • Professional athlete
  • Straight edge since 2005
  • Drug free lector of his project
  • Showman with his show team
  • The most tattooed czech athlete
  • Owner of do3ry clothing company
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